Terror at Bell’s End

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Project Type: Faux Grindhouse Trailer/Feature Film Pitch
Production Dates: September 2017-Present
IMDb: Pending

Writer/Director: Chrissie Harper Website : Twitter : IMDb
Producer: Steve Green Website : Twitter : IMDb
Music: Joe Dempster Twitter : IMDb

Elizabeth Kurtz: Melyza Fay Website : IMDb
David Mitchell: John Messer Twitter
Prof. Benjamin Kurtz: Steve Green Website : Twitter : IMDb
Patient: Sham Zamam IMDb

It’s 1986. Welcome to the quiet little English village of Bell’s End. There are American strangers in town: a crusty old professor, Benjamin Kurtz, and his psychiatrist daughter, Elizabeth. But there is also… a KILLER ON THE LOOSE! And it might be one of Elizabeth’s patients…

This grindhouse trailer and feature film pitch is a loving homage to the Euro-Cult splatter movies of the early-mid-1980s… especially the work of Lucio Fulci.


Bells End Italian

Terror at Bell's End Poster

Bells End Title

Bells End Stalked

Terror at Bell's End Frame 1

Terror at Bell's End Frame 2

Terror at Bell's End Frame 3


Bells End B1

Bells End 1

Bells End 2


Terror At Bell's End lineart

Terror At Bell's End - Elizabeth Kurtz

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