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Project Type: Short Film
Production Dates: Pre-production November 2017
IMDb: Pending

Writer/Director: Chrissie Harper Website : Twitter : IMDb
Producer: Steve Green Website : Twitter : IMDb

The Man: William Hayes

In the shadows of a ruined world, a lone individual addresses an unknown audience  — his accusers? his judges? his acolytes? — and leads us into a dark universe where he might be a madman or a messiah, the architect of a planet’s salvation or its utter destruction. Perhaps all of these.

Currently in pre-production, we are delighted to have the extraordinarily talented William Hayes attached to what we are certain will be a one-man tour de force. Here he is at our film night in October 2017, mesmerising the audience with a gripping rendition of Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’.


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