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Project Type: Short Films/Television Series
Production Dates: April 2017-Present
IMDb: Who Is Bette Noir?, Hail Cthulhu!
Official Website:

Writer/Director: Liz Black Twitter : IMDb
Producer: Steve Green Website : Twitter : IMDb
Theme Music: Joe Dempster Twitter : IMDb

Jenni: Dru Stephenson Website : Twitter : IMDb
Marie: Elizabeth Hastings Website : Twitter : IMDb
Carole: TBC

We have completed two short promotional films—“Who Is Bette Noir?” and “Hail Cthulhu!”—and a 30-minute pilot episode is currently in pre-production.

Written & created by Liz Black, with art/design from Chrissie Harper, the series focuses upon two flatmates: Jenni, a cynic with a social conscience and a major chip on her shoulder, and Marie, superficially flighty and self-centred but far more mysterious than her appearance suggests. Their lives are further complicated by the neighbourhood nightspot Club Vamporama, run by spiky manager Carole on behalf of the enigmatic ex-rockstar Bette Noir.



Club Vamporama Promo

Happy House 1

Happy House 2

Marie and Steve

Steve at Vamporama


Club Vamporama Titles Storyboard 1

Club Vamporama Titles 1

Club Vamporama Titles Storyboard 2

Club Vamporama Titles 2

Club Vamporama Titles Storyboard 3

Club Vamporama Titles 3

Club Vamporama Titles Storyboard 4

Club Vamporama Titles 4

Club Vamporama Titles Storyboard 5

Club Vamporama Titles 5

Club Vamporama Titles Storyboard 6

Club Vamporama Titles 6

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