All Bad Things…

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Project Type: Short Film
Production Dates: July-October 2017

Writer/Director: Chrissie Harper Website : Twitter : IMDb
Producer: Steve Green Website : Twitter : IMDb
Associate Producer: Carl Timms Website : Twitter : IMDb
Music: Joe Dempster Twitter : IMDb

Alex: Demelza O’Sullivan Twitter : IMDb
Mike: Liam Woon Twitter : IMDb
Waiter: Sham Zamam IMDb

A busy restaurant. A frustrated literary agent. A bestselling novel. An absent client. An unexpected arrival. A bewildering proposition. A deadly secret. A bizarre revelation…



All Bad Things Poster

All Bad Things Tease 1

All Bad Things Tease 3

All Bad Things Book Cover


ABT Cast and Crew

Cast & crew premiere at the Victoria, Birmingham, October 2017; Jasper Bark interviews Demelza O’Sullivan, Liam Woon and Sham Zaman.

Grindhouse Planet Film Festival 2017

ABT Grindhouse Steve Marc

Public premiere at the Grindhouse Planet Film Festival, November 2017; producer Steve poses with organiser Marc Hamill.


From the Solihull News, September 22nd 2017.

Solihull News, September 22nd 2017


All Bad Things On Location 1

All Bad Things On Location 2

All Bad Things On Location 3

Group photo shows, left-to-right: Joe Dempster, Sham Zaman, Gabriela Zogall, Anthony Atkins, Sophie Sharp, Olivia Comer, John Messer, Kevin Clarke, Steve Green, Rob Eadon, Demelza O’Sullivan, Abul Kalam, Liam Woon, Aliy Haycox, Jamie Lambe.


All Bad Things Storyboard #1

All Bad Things Storyboard #2

All Bad Things Storyboard #11

All Bad Things Storyboard #12

All Bad Things Storyboard #13

All Bad Things Storyboard #14

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