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Vamporama Films grew out of a series of news reports and interviews Steve Green and Chrissie Harper began producing for local television in the summer of 2016. By early 2017, they began work on a proposal for a television series, Liz Black’s Club Vamporama, and the first in a separate series of short films, All Bad Things…

In October 2017, Steve and Chrissie launched In Conversation With, a series of interviews with members of the film-making and literary communities, distributed online. The following month, All Bad Things… received its first public screening at the second Grindhouse Planet Film Festival in Leicester, UK. They were recently commissioned by a major UK film distributor to produce a documentary extra for a Blu-ray release scheduled for early 2019.

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Vamporama Films


Network XXIII is just a mascot imprint Vamporama Films uses for selected projects aimed at possible television syndication. We think it has a ring to it and the logo looks nifty!

Network XXIII

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